domingo, 28 de enero de 2007

El Ángel Caído, de Bellver

He studied in San Fernando Royal Academy of Art, and finished his formation as sculptor in Rome, paid by the Spanish state.
He became famous in 1878 because of his sculpture, The Fallen Angel (El Ángel Caído), the only monument in the world dedicated to the Devil, and which represents him in the moment of falling from Heaven (the sculpture was financed by duke Fernán Núñez). The sculpture (see picture), of great dramatism and originallity, obtained the First Medal in the National Arts Exposition, and later again in 1885 in Universal Exposition in Paris. National Museum of Prado doned it to Madrid people, and it was installed in a square with the same name in Parque del Buen Retiro (the most famous park in Madrid), despite the great scandal. The statue continues there, and was even mentioned in the film El día de la Bestia (The day of the Beast), by Alex de la Iglesia. The success of this statue made him been accepted as academic. He was director of the Arts and Works School in Madrid.

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